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AutoExtreme® fem.

Dutch Passion

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Genetics: OutLaw® - ({Amnesia x Super Haze})
In/Out: 85 dní
Official producer: Dutch Passion
Product description

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new partnership with Dinaf of Spain, which is one of the  world's Top seeds supplies. This company was founded in  2002 by some of the best Spanish growers and to get fully operational in 2005 . Together they put together a collection of top quality genetics and combined with their own good reputation as thorough and professional growers who concentrate on high-quality results rather than on the lowest prices of seeds.

Dinafem enjoys a particularly good reputation in the field of feminized, autoflowering seeds. It represents a natural partner for Dutch Passion, who shares our quality-focused approach. Collaboration with Dinaf has allowed us to work with a well-organized team with secured resources. It is a partnership built on the solid foundation of talented and dedicated staff of cannabis experts who strive to develop the best genetics.

AutoXtreme® is indeed the exceptional result of a 2 year collaboration between Dutch Passion and DinaFem using some special Haze genetics from Dutch Passion®. The project took a lot a careful growing and selection before we were prepared to approve it.  The genetics are based on our Outlaw Amnesia® (Amnesia x Super Haze) photoperiod sensitive variety and have been adapted into an autoflowerer which delivers a powerful sativa Haze influence alongside very generous yields. This variety is exclusively available from Dutch Passion.

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