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Raspberry Diesel fem.

Humboldt Seed Org.

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Genetics: Sour Diesel #2 x Sweet Cherry Afghan
Sativa: 65 %
Indica: 35 %
In: 65-70 days
CBD: 0.1 %
Official producer: Humboldt Seed Org.
Product description

Raspberry Diesel by Humboldt Seed Organization is a feminized Sativa-predominant cannabis strain which will allow you to discover a well-balanced marijuana strain. If you buy Raspberry Diesel cannabis seeds, you will be given the chance to collect a hybrid which is a so unbearably sensual... Genetics play a major role in the creation of an exclusive strain for the real connoisseurs among the seed collectors... Raspberry Diesel is a cannabis plant whose high quality is guaranteed by its origins: a cross between Sour Diesel #2 and Sweet Cherry Afghan "Old World Pheno". This marvelous and generous strain must have a place in every decent collection for its "juiciful" properties. A wide variety of sensations - for those looking for something original and different to have in their seed  collection. Without any doubt, a cannabis seed that cannabis experts and those who love good-quality marijuana seeds are sure to fall for.

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