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Sweet Purple® fem.

Paradise Seeds

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Sativa: 50 %
Indica: 50 %
In: 50-55 days
Official producer: Paradise Seeds
Product description

Highlife Cannabis Cup Amsterdam 2004 (Outdoor)

Labeled as "Northern Predator". A hardy beast, Sweet Purple is an Indica variety that has been bred to prowl the northern hemisphere, thriving in habitats where the climate and temperature are unpredictable. We developed the strain as the solution to many of the problems that plague outdoor growers in latitudes above 50º where mold can be a particular problem towards harvest time. The Sweet Purple is the solution, surviving and thriving in a habitat where many plants struggle. This is an old school plant, both in looks and product. The heritage is Thai, a nod to the sought after strains that sent ‘Hippy Trail’ travellers deep into Thailand’s forests and mountains in search of the ultimate weed back in the 1970s. We crossed this Thai line with hardy Dutch genetics to produce a plant that is self sufficient, from the forests of Slovenia to gardens from Canada and England to Scandinavia. Of course it grows in southern regions providing a decent outturn, but this plant is really a Paradise seeds contribution in seeds for weather besieged habitats north of 50 º n.L. This is as safe a bet as can be in moderate countries. Sweet Purple will take the cold and the wet in its stride and keeps on thriving. A seed, that represents a modern miracle for colder climate collections

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