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Green Pepper (pepř zelený)

Chilli Seeds

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Designation: Green Pepper (pepř zelený)
Latin name: Piper Nigrum
Package: 1g
Official producer: Chilli Seeds
Product description

What do you call an unripe peppercorn? A Green Peppercorn! Flavours come from all corners and unripe green pepper is no exception. Some of natures bounty does not provide flavour other than extreme bitterness but in some plants they produce wonderful flavour different from the ripe peppercorns. Green Peppercorns come with a fresher pepper flavour compared to its black ripe corns with the spicy side of pepper. Just like the full mature peppercorns allowing the plant to produce maximum flavour harvesting green peppercorns is the same, too early and its just bitter flavour - a little patience and its full green pepper flavour.

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