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5semen.cz is the first cannabis-seeds company and e-shop in the Czech Republic.

In 2010, we have commissioned a legal analysis of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, regarding the sale of cannabis seeds, at various renowned law firms.
The conclusion was clear: The sale of hemp seeds is a legitimate business activity in the Czech Republic.

We extend our offer and sell also chilli seeds, chilli fruits, spices and other chilli products from in England based chilli-farms. All in BIO quality and without the use of artificial additives. Our spice is salt-free, so you're actually buying spices, unlike what offers the supermarket. In 2018, we included longevity stimulating products of Taoist, traditional Chinese medicine, as food supplements. At our shop, you can also buy various interior design accessories made of natural materials, such as teak or worked stone. At the customer's request, we can prepare a tailor-made any gift box, not just for Christmas. We issue gift-cards for the purchase of goods in any value according to customer‘ wish.

The staff is professionally trained and we can do a good job advising you and guiding you through your shopping spree.

We speak: Czech, English, German, French, Dutch and Spanish.

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