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Inca sůl

Chilli Seeds

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Designation: Inca sůl
Country of origin: Peru
Package: 1g
Official producer: Chilli Seeds
Product description

Inca Salt is close to our hearts of the chilli world, coming from the Machu Picchu spring lakes and still extracted today as it was 500 years ago by the mighty Inca Empire, when used with Aji Chilli Peppers I do feel like I am sharing a meal with these people from a different age, it feels right and natural, wonderful food satisfaction. See the pic of the terraced farms, the spring water is damned forcing it to flow through the steps and the sun does the rest removing the water to leave behind the Inca Salt Flakes, farming as it should be done - in balance! The salt comes from 3000 meters up making it very clean pure salt, similar to Fleur de Sel, perfect for all cooking.

Produced in Peru

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