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Amsterdam Amnesia ® fem.

Dutch Passion

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Official producer: Dutch Passion
Product description

Dutch Passion’s collection of feminised seeds wouldn’t be complete without the timeless classic Amsterdam Amnesia Haze. With its knockout-potency, this THC-rich sativa derived from the original Amnesia genetics features the attributes of the best hazes to ever be produced across the world.
The feminised Amsterdam Amnesia Haze grows from seed to harvest indoors in around 9 to 10 weeks. She produces a thin structure of sativa leaves, allowing more light to penetrate down to lower levels, and shows a strong resistance against spider mites. This lady can stretch quite a bit once flipped to flower, so make sure that height is not an issue in your grow space.

Expect XXL yields of dense flowers with citric notes and more compact buds than most other sativa cannabis varieties around today.

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