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Auto Acid® fem.

Paradise Seeds

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Genetics: Acid x Ruderalis
Sativa: 40 %
Indica: 50 %
Ruderalis: 10 %
In/Out: 75-80 dní
Official producer: Paradise Seeds
Product description

The label reads: "Trip Advisor…" Just like its big sister, Auto Acid is an sativa crossed with Indica hybrid that is known to provide pain control for medical users. This autoflower variety’s heritage extends from the mother plant of the world famous American strain Diesel with the infusion of Dutch genetics to create a version that has more potency than the original. One of our new school strains, Acid was well received by Diesel fans when it was first released and continues to be in high demand. We achieved the Auto Acid hybrid through selection and backcrossing, a process that took us many generations before we were happy with the results. The auto-flowering element comes from the addition of Ruderalis genetics, bringing the automatic gene to the strain. Over the past few years we have invested heavily in developing our autoflowering varieties, breeding plants that come with more stability and bring more fun to the collector. The result is a universal genotype that thrives just about anywhere, from the UK and parts of Canada to Czech Republic and Austria, where Auto Acid accomodates to the relatively short summer. However in southern regions of Europe, the United States and on the South American continent this variety really unfolds its potential.

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