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Auto Jack® fem.

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Genetics: Jack Herer x White Widow x Ruderalis
Sativa: 70 %
Indica: 20 %
Ruderalis: 10 %
In/Out: 65-80 dní
CBD: 0.1 %
Official producer: Paradise Seeds
Product description

The best qualities of Jack Herer and White Widow lines crossed to produce a great combination of classic stable strains in perfect miniature form. The tag reads "Grin Creeper…" Auto Jack puts a pinch of Ruderalis into a Jack Herer and White Widow cross, to create a hybrid that has performance running through its veins. Jack Herer is a legendary strain, named after the cannabis activist who fought long and hard for legalization of the herb. A plant that is naturally tall in stature, Its personality is sativa  predominant, Jack Herer is a real creeper, and that creep comes with long lasting stamina too. We selected a strong JH mother plant to breed with. White Widow is also a legendary strain, one named after the exotically potent Black Widow spider and rechristened White to recognize the intense sugary crystal coating during the florescence. Notorious for its strength, the White Widow is also a fast flowering strain, and we selected one of this species for that reason. With two great strains combined, Auto Jack was born from the best of both worlds. The autoflowering element comes from the Ruderalis, a truly wonderful cannabis plant that can brave the Arctic circle thanks to the automatic flowering cycle it has naturally developed over millions of years of evolution. These genes give the Auto Jack short stout form and a rapid life-cycle (estimated 65-70 days indoors and 75-80 days, and even less). This seed bears stability, form and ancestry to parent some excellent idividuals with the all desired features and satisfactory properties for old- and new-school collectors. This strain is highly efficient for external and internal habitats across northern and southern lattitudes.

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