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Blue Dream CBD fem.

Silent Seeds

Dostupnost: Unavailable
Genetics: Blue Dream x California Orange CBD
Sativa: 65 %
Indica: 35 %
In: 63-70 days
CBD/THC ratio: 1:1
CBD: 10 %
Official producer: Silent Seeds
Product description

Blue Dream CBD is the newest and most technologically advanced creation of Humboldt Seed Organization. The iconic California Sativa hybrid Blue Dream has been bred to provide not only the outstanding original traits but also all the benefits of CBD. A unique blend: science and technology + our breeders' experience and instinct resulting in beautiful hues and amazing juicy tops. Blue Dream CBD is a cannabis seed with fast and vigorous proliferation. Using science and technology, combined with our breeding instinct, have led to the discovery and isolation of cannabinoid properties never seen before the creation of this novel CBD rich strain. A California marijuana icon with high CBD properties... Blue Dream CBD's flair masterfully mixes strong tones with light ones. We are proud to present the new age of "functional use" therapeutic cannabis strain for a larger spectrum of medicinal applications which would be accessa ble and affordable for the curious and inquisitive collector.

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