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Green Poison Auto®

Sweet Seeds

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Genetics: Green Poison® x (Green Poison® x {Green Poison® x Big Devil #2 Auto®})
Sativa: 30 %
Indica: 70 %
In/Out: 53-56 dní
Official producer: Sweet Seeds
Product description

The hybrid between the elite generation clones Green Posion and Big Devil #2 Auto. Before this amazing strain saw the light of the world, it was repeatedly backcrossed to ensure absolute genetic stability.

3rd Prize - Outdoor - 1º Copa THC Valencia 2011
1st Prize - Indica - Cannabis Cup Canarias 2011
2nd Prize - Indoor - 1ª Copa Thais María - Alicante 2011
1st Prize - Indica - Cannabis Cup Canarias 2012
3rd Prize - Indoor - Copa del Mar - Argentina 2013
2nd Prize - Indoor - VI Copa C.A.B.A. - Argentina 2013
3rd Price - Outdoor - 1ª Copa Copa Cata Zona Norte - Argentina 2015

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