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Mohan Ram® fem.

Sweet Seeds

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Genetics: White Widow x Sweet Afgani Delicious (S.A.D.) S1®
Sativa: 15 %
Indica: 85 %
In: 48-58 days
Official producer: Sweet Seeds
Product description

2º Prize – XIV Copa de la Marihuana – Madrid – 2011
2º Prize – Indoor – Cata Copa de Cultivadores de Cannabis (CCCC) – Argentina – 2012
3º Prize – Grows y Asociaciones – VII Copa C.A.B.A. – Crystal Grow – Argentina – 2014
1º Prize – Indoor – 3ª Copa Cultivadores de Zion – Crystal Grow – Argentina – 2014
2º Prize – Indoor – Portugal Weed Masters – Portugal – 2014
2º Prize – Grows y Asociaciones – VIII Copa C.A.B.A. – Crystal Grow – Argentina – 2015
1º Prize – Indoor – XIV Copa Cannábica del Plata – Crystal Grow – Argentina – 2015
2º Prize – Indoor – Categoría Cultivadores – Copa Cannabis – Uruguay – 2016

This is the result of hybridization between a White Widow elite clone and our sweet S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious S1® (SWS02). The White Widow side provides a fresh, floral and fruity touch to the sweet musk of our S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious S1®. The result is an ideal and easy going Indica predominant variety with some spectacular features, named after a famous indian botanist, profesor H.Y. Mohan Ram.

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