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Nebula II CBD® fem.

Paradise Seeds

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Genetics: Nebula x CBD
Sativa: 60 %
Indica: 40 %
In: 60-63 days
CBD/THC ratio: 1:1
CBD: 8-12 %
Official producer: Paradise Seeds
Product description

Medical strain! Labeled as "The Mothership…" In 2014, we launched Nebula ll CBD on a mission to bring natural pain relief to medical users worldwide. As one of our exclusive medical cannabis strains, it contains higher levels of CBD and less percentage of THC. When we were researching the development of medicinal quality cannabis, we came to Nebula, one of our award winning varieties. We have always said that the original variety beats with a Mediterranean heart; strong and healthy yet mellow. For this reason the strain was already a popular choice with medical users. In collaboration with the CBD crew, we have enhanced its natural personality and altered the cannabinoid profile to create Nebula ll CBD. For many medical users Cannabidiol (known simply as CBD) is the non-psychoactive ingredient of cannabis which promotes relaxation of the ailing body and trobled mind. The CBD content in the Nebula ll CBD strain is 7%. With sativa genetics in its make-up, this strain retains sativa morphology. It is an exeellent juicy and oily CBD rich variety. Nebula ll CBD seed is a good all-rounder for collectors. The new genotypeneeds needs some management, however, it responds well to training and is especially effective in SOG set up. In the exterioe settings, this clone shows an astounding versatility in its genes. Its habitat may be in southern regions of the world, as well as further north, as far as the UK, parts of Canada and Germany. It is quite fast a strain.

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