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Pink Matcha Slush fem.

Anesia Seeds

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Genetics: Miss X x Donna OG
Sativa: 40 %
Indica: 60 %
In/Out: 63 dní
Official producer: Anesia Seeds
Product description

Pink Matcha Slush

Pink Matcha Slush is a hybrid with a slight indica dominance (60% indica) that offers high levels of potency and an insanely delicious aroma. The strain has the perfect high of indica and sativa effects, and brings with it a great potency that can completely floor you if you’re not careful with the dosage.

The high hits fast and powerful with soaring cerebral euphoria. You feel focused, sociable and full of energy. She has a high that lasts forever, with a happy, uplifting overtone that gets you flying very high mentally and completely calms you down physically. You will feel your mind being put into a state of bliss. You easily become sluggish and unfocused while at the same time being free from bad moods or negative thoughts. Then comes a warm physical tingling that floods you and puts your body in a state of weightlessness. This combination quickly becomes very calming and you should watch the dosage if you have other things to do than sleeping happily or losing yourself in long day dreams.

The buds are dense, thick, light green to purple and have tons of large sparkling crystal trichomes. By the end of the flowering period, the buds will be completely coated in resin. The flowers exude an intense sweet aroma reminiscent of fruit lemonade. The taste consists of notes of peach, lemon, tangerine and mango and thus enables the perfect taste experience. It smells and tastes like a happy and relaxed day at the beach and tingles like ice-cold lemonade.

Growing Pink Matcha Slush

She is a fast grower when she starts flowering, eventually reaching a height of 100-120cm indoors, plants can reach up to 2m tall outdoors, delivering a correspondingly large amount of yield. The indica percentage prevents the strain from stretching too much, although it can grow to a handsome size.

Pink Matcha Slush is a high yielding strain in a variety of growing media, yielding 500g/m² indoors and 700-800g/plant outdoors. She does excellently outdoors when she gets enough sunlight. The strain is particularly suitable for SCROG, SOG, supercropping and lollipopping.

Therapeutic effects

The energizing effects and insanely high average THC content of 31% makes Pink Matcha Slush a valuable therapeutic strain for use against chronic stress, mood swings, depression, chronic fatigue and ADD/ADHD.

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