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San Fernando Lemon Kush® fem.

Sweet Seeds

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Genetics: San Fernando Valley OG Kush x Kosher Kush x (SFV OG x Afghani #1)
Sativa: 65 %
Indica: 35 %
In: 63 days
Official producer: Sweet Seeds
Product description

San Fernando Lemon Kush® (SWS62)

Excellent hybridization between two of our best elite clones coming from USA genetics. In the cross takes part a selected clone of San Fernando Valley OG Kush, one of the oldest and most original OG Kush genetics, characterized by a pleasant and complex OG Kush character, with strong presence of the Lemon Thai  genetics that takes part in the original OG Kush cross. The other elite clone that intervenes in the cross is a Kosher Kush, a modern genetic from the OG Kush family very appreciated in the zone of Los Angeles and nearby areas (California). The properties of this strain are very pleasantly and intensly exressed. The variety is morphogenetically typical Indica-Sativa hybrid, leaning to the Sativa side. This type of American varieties with strong presence of the limonene terpene are highly appreciated in the USA.

Winner - VI Copa Cata del Oeste - Buenos aires - Argentina - 2019
3rd Prize - Indoor - Festival 1422 - Argentina - 2018
3rd Prize - BHO Professional - VIII Copa THC - Valencia - Supreme Strains - Valencia - 2018
1st Prize - Best Sativa - VI Copa Cannábica Expogrow - Irún - 2017

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