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Stromboli Auto® fem.

Paradise Seeds

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Genetics: Afghani Landraces x GG#4 x Ruderalis
Sativa: 60 %
Indica: 40 %
In/Out: 75 dní
Official producer: Paradise Seeds
Product description

Growers looking for a potent, big yield, autoflower will be in awe of Stromboli, a volcanic mix of selected Afghani and GG4 genetics. With 20%+ THC fuelling its extraordinary power, this is an elite hybrid strain (60/40, sativa/indica) reserved for experienced consumers.
While the USP of this plant is its power and the size of its harvest, flavor fans will not be disappointed. Along with pine freshness and spicy notes, the essence of passion fruit provides taste X factor. The effect is a rush of positive energy with a rising wave of intense body relaxation.
Despite its genetics leaning to the sativa side, it’s got quite a bushy structure and its impressive big buds rise from the dark green canopy like mini volcanos, characterized by crystal white surfaces, aflame with fiery orange pistils.
Indoors, Stromboli needs no special treatment and growers of all abilities will appreciate its easy management qualities. It’s a good choice for those with height restrictions as this plant will not exceed 1 meter.
Outdoors, this plant is the ideal selection for an early summer big bud harvest. Its big buds also display a definite indica tendency, and for this reason growers in more humid conditions should keep a check on their development.

Stromboli Auto is suitable for growing outside between 50o n.L. and 50o s.L.. It will finish within 10 -11 weeks (slightly less for indoor grows) and the estimated yield is 550 g per m2 indoors and 150 g per plant outdoors.

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