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Sugar Bomb Punch® fem.

Dutch Passion

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Genetics: THC Bomb x (Critical Orange Punch x Bubba Island Kush)
Sativa: 30 %
Indica: 70 %
In: 63 days
Official producer: Dutch Passion
Product description

Everybody loves to see glistening trichomes on their ladies. Some strains look frostier than others. One good example of a strain covered in sparkling trichomes, in which the cannabinoids are stored, is Sugar Bomb Punch®. Genetics come from THC Bomb x (Critical Orange Punch x Bubba Island Kush). This combination stands for 20%+ THC levels, a euphoric couch- lock stone and flowers covered with huge quantities of dense, glistening trichomes.

This short, indica dominant plant grows quickly into a short body builder. In just 7 weeks, she will be fully matured and harvest ready, leaves may darken towards the end.

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