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Acid® fem.

Paradise Seeds

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Genetics: Diesel X ?
Sativa: 40 %
Indica: 60 %
In: 65 days
Official producer: Paradise Seeds
Product description

6ª Copa THC Valencia 2016 (indoor)

The labnel reads: "Mental Holiday..." Look no further than Acid, an Indica/Sativa cross that is our own take on the original New York City Diesel. The original strain of the Diesel was developed in the US. We selected a Diesel mother plant and crossed it with our favorite Dutch genetics to create Acid, one of our next generation strains. This breeding process has created a cross variety that comes with real super powers. The seed is stronger and more potent than the original Diesel seed, and it also trumps its outturn. This strain is fit for both interior and exterior habitats and is suited for the northern hemisphere (up to 50º n.L.). Acid is also very popular with the collectors from southern regions around the Mediterranean, from Spain to Croatia, southern US states and parts of South America.

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