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Atomical Haze® fem.

Paradise Seeds

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Sativa: 80 %
Indica: 20 %
In: 63-70 days
Official producer: Paradise Seeds
Product description

1st prize Highlife Cannabis Cup Amsterdam 2016 (Haze Hydro)
1st prize Treating Yourself Medical Cannabis Cup Canada 2012

Labeled as "Superior Legend…" This sativa predominant strain combines the best landraces from around the world together in one explosive variety. This is one of our new generation strains and is our twist on the classic choice of the connoisseur. Atomical Haze combines original Haze (Sativa genetics from Colombia, Mexico and Thailand) with an Indian classic Sativa and a sweet Afghan Indica. This hybrid mix has created something quite special – a  prolific sativa dominant strain that knows how to perform. As a connoisseur’s choice this variety needs more care and attention than some other varieties. It has got a relatively slow life cycle, lasting until the end of October. It fully unfolds its qualities especially in sunny habitates of southern latitudes, but can be found also in northern regions, as it is quite mould resistent. This strain took the 1st place sativa category at Canada’s Treating Yourself Marihuana Cup, since Atomical Haze exhibits great medical qualities along with excellent attributes.

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