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Durga Mata® fem.

Paradise Seeds

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Genetics: Shiva
Sativa: 10 %
Indica: 90 %
In: 56 days
Official producer: Paradise Seeds
Product description

AKA: The Mother Goddess! An earthy strain that is robust and forgiving, thriving where other plants do not. Durga Mata, was one of our original medical strains in the days before medical cannabis was properly appreciated. It is a heavy indica, renowned for its healing powers. It is often said that Durga Mata is unlike any other plant. Why? It’s all in the breeding. The original mother of this strain stood out from a sea of plants and cried ‘take me.’ She became the Mother Goddess – a symbol of strength and purity. This plant exudes pure potency while providing the kind of robustness, stability and reliability a seed collector knows to appreciate. The forgiving nature of this variety means that it is one of our most requested beginner’s strains. As you would expect from the Mother Goddess, she stands up well to nature. Naturally pest resistant, she is robust enough to survive and thrive without much attention. Collectors from northern regions should note that this is a strain that does not need much light. Combined with its natural toughness, these are qualities much appreciated in countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, the UK and northern France.

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