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Durga Mata II CBD® fem.

Paradise Seeds

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Genetics: Durga Mata x Shiva x CBD Pure
Sativa: 10 %
Indica: 90 %
In: 55 days
CBD/THC ratio: 1.5:1
CBD: 8-12 %
Official producer: Paradise Seeds
Product description

Medical strain. Mama Earth… In recent years we have invested in the research and development of new varieties that have medical cannabis qualities and Durga Mata ll CBD, which has been developed with the CBD crew, is one of these strains. We decided to use Durga Mata because it is one of our feminized strains that already has a reputation for producing a fair amount in medicinal CBD. The original Durga Mata was already a top choice for medical users, so we decided to enhance its medicinal powers. The Durga Mata ll CBD retains all the characteristics of the original. Given the great demands put on medicinal strains, we chose to develop a strain that is solid and dependable, straight forward to grow and very forgiving for the novice grower. The big difference between the original and the medicinal variety, is in the Cannabidiol (CBD) content. As medical users are aware, CBD does not have the psychoactive qualities but on the contrary, is scienetifically acknowledged for its extraordinary antipsychotic properties. We have bred the DM-ll-CBD to be a clone that delivers a CBD content of 8.5% and is therefore best suited for medical use. Durga Mata II CBD is a reliable strain and, just like the original, is suitable for SOG set up. In the exterior environment it comes with solid pest resistance in its genes and thrives in moderate climates and less sunnier regions of the world (such as northern Europe and Canada), as well as in southern regions. Scientific research has shown medical cannabis with high CBD content to have anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, anti–nausea and anxiety reducing effects. DM-ll-CBD has many healing properties and brings effective natural pain relief to many medical cannabis patients.

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