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Foster fem.

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Genetics: Emperor Cookies Dough x Sleepy Joe®
Sativa: 60 %
Indica: 40 %
In/Out: 63-70 dní
Official producer: Anesia Seeds
Product description


Foster is a balanced hybrid with a slight sativa dominance and it’s the result of crossing a particularly THC-rich Emperor Cookies Dough with our highly potent Sleepy Joe. The combination of these two exceptionally strong parents has resulted in a premium strain that delivers a fine balanced aroma and an insane high.

Foster’s high is deceptively slow at first and creeps up, but after a few minutes her outsized potency unfolds with dizzying energy and euphoria. The mind is suddenly full of motivation and a feeling of lightness spreads. At the same time, the body is flooded with tingling, warm effects and greatly relaxed. The strain clears your mind for new ideas and concepts, lets you dream and makes you feel really happy. Due to her high potency and measured THC levels of up to 35%, she will delight and challenge those with a high tolerance with ease, while certainly beaming away novices for several hours. Because of this, she is not recommended for beginners and you should not underestimate this fragrant beauty.

Growing Foster

Foster is a resilient and vigorous strain that produces excellent results indoors, outdoors and in the greenhouse. She tips the scales in yields of up to 550g/m² or 1000g per plant, grows quickly and forms many strong side branches with large heavy buds. Towards the end of the flowering period, the buds are covered in a thick layer of glistening resin and emit an intense sweet, fresh and floral scent.

She is perfect for growing in a SCROG or SOG and has a very favorable calyx-to-leaf ratio, making manicuring easy. Her terpene profile is complex, offering an aroma and flavor reminiscent of coffee, caramel, freshly baked cookies, and vanilla. It’s a seductive treat that shouldn’t fool you with her mind-blowing potency. She is among the strongest strains on the market and has enough THC to blow your head off.

Therapeutic effects

Due to its complex terpene and cannabinoid profile, it has a similar wide range of uses in the therapeutic field as in the recreational field. It helps to reduce stress, has a mood-enhancing effect and is extremely helpful for pain and inflammation.

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