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Frisian Dew® fem.

Dutch Passion

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Genetics: Super Skunk x Purple Star
Sativa: 50 %
Indica: 50 %
Official producer: Dutch Passion
Product description

Frisian Dew® is the most beautiful outdoor variety we have ever encountered. It is a cross between Super Skunk female x Purple Star male that took three years of selection from clones. We produced many Skunk/Purple hybrids in the past 20 years, but we have never seen anything as good as this hybrid. Light purple colour (50% Indica, 50% Sativa) – very high yielder, very good stem to leave ratio (only little leaves). Not susceptible to mold. Absolute premium quality outdoor strain. A must for the outdoor grower, especially in the Northern Climates. Soft aroma and taste, above medium high. Very commercial.
1st prize “Outdoor”, High Life Cup, Netherlands 2008.

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