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Mendocino Skunk® fem.

Paradise Seeds

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Genetics: Skunk #1 x California Sativa
Sativa: 40 %
Indica: 60 %
In: 49-56 days
Official producer: Paradise Seeds
Product description

Mendocino Skunk is the hybrid representative from our Tommy Chong's Cannabis collection, a well rounded combination of sativa and indica genetics. It is a high yielding plant that is easy to grow and a delight to experience.
With a fruity flavor and skunky tones, this plant delivers an uplifting effect that is well balanced and smooth, bringing a positive high and a sense of well being that is sure to brighten up your day.
Our collaboration with the grand daddy of stoner comedy, Tommy Chong, has inspired a meeting of great cannabis traditions - California’s renowned Emerald Triangle and Holland’s Amsterdam coffee shop scene. The result combines Mendocino county qualities with the best Dutch genetics.
Indoors, Mendocino Skunk is a stable plant that will grow to a medium size making it a good option for limited growing spaces. Prolific bud growth and a quick harvest time are also stand-out characteristics of this hybrid strain.
Outdoors, this strain brings a happy experience for growers in northern regions of Europe, Canada and America. Meanwhile, in warmer and sunnier climates, such as the Mediterranean, this strain has the potential to exceed estimated average yield levels.

Suitable for growing outside between 50o n.L. and 50o s.L, Mendocino Skunk is ready to harvest in early October outdoors (n.L.) and between 7 - 8 weeks indoors. Estimated yield is 700 g per m2 indoors / 1000 g per plant outdoors.


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