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AKCE 1+1 | Think Different® Auto fem.

Dutch Passion

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Genetics: AK47 (AK420) X Ruderalis
In/Out: 65-70 dní
Official producer: Dutch Passion
Product description


In an effort to make the difference, any seed supplier may feel the necessity to "think different". And exactly that happened to Dutch Passion® in the 1990s, when we made the decision to introduce feminized seed technology. And now we have created this very special AutoFem strain to comemorate this.

Think Different® is the real surprise package in the Dutch Passion® autoflowering collection. The genetics come from a special AK47 hybrid known as AK420. The AK420 was systematically crossed with a carefully chosen Ruderalis. The intention was toachieve at least the high standards set by AutoMazar®, the most successful AutoFem strain of the year 2011.

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