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Genetics: ? X ?
Sativa: 60 %
Indica: 40 %
In: 60 days
Official producer: Paradise Seeds
Product description

Highlife Feria Barcelona 2005

Good old classic and a legend! 
Sultry Sativa… Belladonna is one of our original old school strains. This classic plant is a multi award winner and is as popular now as when we introduced it 15 years ago thanks to a quick harvest time combined with a sativa high. When we released it at the end of the Nineties it quickly became an overnight classic with collectors in the USA, Spain and the Netherlands due to its commercial potential and outstanding forum reviews. It is a versatile plant that adapts effectively well to most environments. A great cannabis seed to posses in any magnificent collection. The ease of management and characteristic low maintenance makes it a good seed for beginning collectors and keeps old school collectors coming back for more, too. In this special genetic make-up, the florescence is tight and the foliage is reduced, giving this strain a good natural defense against mold and fungi. Belladonna is particularly suitable for SOG set-ups. This sultry sativa remains the seed of choice in many outdoor seed collections for seed lovers in both northern and southern regions. It also apassionates collectors in warmer climates, such as California, with its sunny climate, and was super popular during the 1990s in Spain. Due to fact, that this variety has been bred to be mold resistant, it is also a great and a popular choice of  sativa inspired seed collectors in countries like the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. To its popularity adds also for a Sativa relatively shorter florescence period.

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