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Jack 47 XL Auto®

Sweet Seeds

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Genetics: Selekce Jack 47 Auto® (SWS31)
Sativa: 76.9 %
Indica: 20 %
Ruderalis: 3.1 %
In/Out: 63 dní
CBD: 0.1 %
Official producer: Sweet Seeds
Product description

Jack 47 XL Auto® (SWS78)

3rd Generation autoflowering strain. Tall-stemmed version of one of our most appreciated autoflowering strains, the amazing Jack 47 Auto® (SWS31).

Jack 47 XL Auto® (SWS78) was developed through a recurrent selection programme of tall-stemmed and high production specimens of Jack 47 Auto® along multiple generations.

This is a high yielding autoflowering strain that preserves a powerful hybrid vigor. The plants develop compact buds covered in outstandingly aromatic resin. The tastes and aromas of this genetic are sweet and fresh, with lemony citrus tones and a touch of incense. Probably one of the most powerful autoflowering strains in the market.

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